With Businesses

We create engaging volunteering programmes and development experiences for your people, and help you connect with the future workforce.

Our programmes work with young people from some of the UK’s most challenging areas, helping them develop new skills and gain experience that could shape their future success.  Our partnerships with businesses are vital to helping young people and we strive to create sustainable two-way relationships.  We help young people learn and develop, whilst simultaneously connecting your business with motivated future talent and developing your people through volunteering, mentoring and facilitation.

Volunteering Programmes with efficient set-up and delivery, a tried-and-tested format and extensive support for your people to help them get the most from the experience.  We provide time-sensitive opportunities for your people to use their skills and expertise to help students develop new skills, learn about the world of work and identify potential careers.  Your employees can build their own skills and make a positive social impact.  SKILL! is our most established volunteering programme, and to date has engaged over 700 professionals.

Talent Programmes that provide motivated young people with career insight and development opportunities, and help you to meet and connect with young people from diverse backgrounds and build your future talent pipeline.  Our portfolio ranges from bespoke career insight programmes and work experience programmes, through to mock recruitment days and assessment centres that help you meet and connect with the future workforce.

Next Generation engagement, helping your business grow and evolve by connecting with Generation Z – savvy, astute, digitally literate young people – and getting fresh insight and perspective on your business challenges.  We create programmes and forums where your people can build their knowledge and skills, understand how the next generation are thinking, and meet some of the brightest new talent for your business.

Consultancy with businesses looking to develop a coherent, impactful Corporate Responsibility programme on a local, regional or national level.  We also have extensive experience of facilitating and supporting sustainable partnerships between businesses and schools, for the benefit of students and professionals alike.

If you would like to find out more about our programmes and services and understand how we can help your business, please get in touch.