With Schools

We help young people work towards a successful future. Developing core skills, learning about great careers and connecting with organisations they’d love to work for.

We deliver inspirational learning programmes for young people, led by expert facilitators and developed with leading businesses.  Our projects help students to build core skills vital for their future success.  Skills such as collaboration, communication, creativity and clear thinking, all essential in today’s ever-changing world of work.

We create engaging and supportive experiences that help your students learn about careers, meet organisations they’d love to work for, and learn from experienced professionals.  This collaboration between young people and professionals is central to our work.  It enhances students’ learning and builds their knowledge and understanding of the world of work, whilst people in businesses develop skills that improve their performance.

A few of our programmes and projects:

SKILL!  Our flagship programme, launched in 2008 and now in 10 UK cities.  Through intensive one-day workshops, we help your students aged 14-16 build their core employability skills by joining forces with professionals, devising and pitching big ideas that tackle real-life problems.

Discover  An interactive careers programme for Sixth Form students, delivered with one of Europe’s leading law firms.  This intensive programme helped students to identify alternative careers in law, challenged perceptions of the legal sector and connected students to experienced professionals in a supportive and engaging environment.  Just one example of our bespoke talent programmes.

Bespoke Partnerships  We create, facilitate and manage impactful partnerships between schools and businesses, matching the needs of the school and students to the capabilities of the business.  We can foster meaningful collaboration between school and business, to deliver real impact for students and professionals alike.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help your students build skills and access career opportunities, please get in touch.