Employee Volunteering

Our youth programmes provide a range of rewarding employee volunteering opportunities that not only motivate, engage and inspire your people, but help them build performance-enhancing skills. 

From mentoring and coaching, to session delivery and role-modelling. There are a range of ways that supporting young people can develop your people. We work with professionals at all levels in the organisation, from entry-level to senior leadership.  We encourage businesses to think differently about youth engagement, and how it can support their organisation.

For those starting to manage others, can mentoring young people help them manage, guide and support their own team?

How can connecting with young people help your graduates build their core skills in their vital first 50 days?

Can exposure to young people’s innovative thinking help your senior leaders gain fresh perspective on key business challenges?



SKILL! is our flagship youth programme, launched in 2008.  We have since engaged over 2,000 young people and hundreds of professionals in locations across the UK.

SKILL! is for young people aged 14-18, providing an inspiring, rewarding and valuable learning experience where they can access the world of work, collaborate with inspirational professionals, and build core skills that will enhance their employability.


Through our intensive one-day programme, delivered by our expert team, we help young people build 21st Century skills of communication, collaboration, creativity and clear thinking; vital in today’s ever-changing world of work.  We do this through a process where students and professionals join forces to devise and pitch big ideas that tackle real-life problems.  This not only helps students build those core skills for the future, but also enhances their self-esteem and confidence by giving them a supportive environment where they can realise what they’re capable of.

For professionals, working with students in our one-day programmes helps them build core skills that will enhance their performance in the workplace, and provide fresh ideas and perspectives.  It is a genuine two-way learning process where professional development meets youth development.