Mentoring at SKILL!

square-skill-logo-cropAs Skill! celebrated its 50th workshop recently, we decided to ask one of our partners what it’s like to take part. Here Thomas Greenhalgh, Platform Management Graduate from Videology, gives us an account of his experience mentoring at one of our recent sessions.

Hosted at Microsoft’s offices in Victoria, six of our resident Videologists, along with representatives from Mindshare, Babcock, Affiliate Window and Milbank, were joined by over 50 students from across London for an interactive skills-building workshop.

The aim of the workshop was for each team to pitch a product that they had invented and designed throughout the day. Everyone involved was enthusiastic to participate and put forward ideas, which was great to see but it did offer a really unique challenge for us as mentors to channel the students’ energy and enthusiasm into a realistic and feasible product.

With such a tight time schedule for each task, it was very important to communicate effectively with our teams; to manage their time efficiently by identifying strengths and allocating tasks, such as branding, advertising and financial planning.

The day concluded with each team giving a 90 second presentation to the judges, followed by a short Q&A session from the panel. Even as mentors, it created a real sense of achievement to see your team get up in front of the whole room and deliver a great presentation, having worked right through from the idea stage on the project earlier in the day.

Feedback from the mentors has shown what an overwhelming success the programme has been as all six Videology participants enjoyed the workshop so much they said that they would love to go back again. The mentors felt that this day provided the opportunity to develop a wide range of skills which translate to their day to day work. We really loved the opportunity to manage a team where we helped to cultivate creativity, delegate tasks in order to meet the strict time schedules and develop our communication skills to ensure each member of the group engaged with each activity.